Crakrevenue Review incl. Payment Proof

What better way to launch the Blog than with a Review of CrakRevenue?

crakrevenue review affiliate


First things first: You might have heard that getting approved to become a CrakRevenue is considered tough. I found the application process quite easy and straight-forward. If you have an adult site and get some decent (organic) traffic, you should have no difficulty to get accepted.

The majority of my income comes from premium affiliate programs and CrakRevenue has become my top earner and I get paid a solid four digit amount from them every month. I have tried many different platform throughout the years but CrakRevenue is by far the easiest to work with and I have to hand it to them – their conversion ratio is excellent. It’s no surprise that they are regarded the #1 Premium Performance Platform for adult sites.

Ok, let’s have a closer look what CrakRevenue is all about.

Affiliate program in Adult genre mostly consist of dating offers. The ways to earn money is to refer people to join these dating websites and earning some commission. Now the commission might come from two ways

  • PPL (Pay-per-Lead) : This means when a person you refer goes to the dating website and creates a normal account by entering his email id and name etc. The earning depends on the country of the referred person. If the referred person comes from a Tier-1 company then the usual commission ranges from $2.5-5. Similarly for tier-2 country it may come down to $1 and for tier-3 country gives a commission of $0.5. I have given a list of countries according to the Tier they belong to at the end of this post.
  • PPS (Pay-per-Signup): This one gives you huge returns. If a person goes and makes a signup, meaning ends up purchasing a subscription at the dating company you will get a commission according to the terms of dating company. It may range between $25-80. Getting people to signup is although difficult but not impossible. Few signups with fetch you decent amount of commission money.

After getting selected then sign in to your account.

This is how crakrevenue dashboard looks like:crakrevenue stats dashboard


Some Countries according to the Tier:

Tier 1: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand

Tier 2: Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Puerto Rico

Tier 3: India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium